Secrets to Increasing YouTube Watch Time: Quantity and Quality


So let’s start with the obvious. Everyone wants to purchase youtube watch hours, but when is the limit? Is it worth investing additional resources into endless improvement, or is there a point where you drop the video and say to yourself, «I’ll do something else»?


This is a textbook question of quality and quantity. Personally, I think that for YouTube newbies, quantity is more important than quality. I’ll explain now.


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The experience of continually producing YouTube content helps you better understand how the platform works. If you are constantly focused on content production and never read comments or analytics, then you have no idea how your audience is reacting to your videos.



The more videos you upload, the more information YouTube gives to ensure that your content is shown to the right audience. It’s like filling out an application. The more checkboxes are put down, the more detailed your answers, the faster the application will receive approval.


When it comes to relevant content, you need to get it out as quickly as possible. For example, when something important happens, you can spend extra hours or even days creating high quality video, but in this case, you lose a potential audience that needs information here and now.

Secrets to Increasing YouTube Watch Time: Quantity and Quality

Of course, this is not a strict rule 

Take Marques Brownlee, who shoots amazing reviews of new gadgets. He does not try to cook up a video almost simultaneously with the premiere of the device.


Ещё на Tele4n.Net:
Achtung! Virus!

He can put out a short note on the topic, but then he sets aside sufficient time to create high-quality content. So he kills two birds with one stone: he gets both a topical news video and a very high-quality, useful review for his audience. For example:

Secrets to Increasing YouTube Watch Time: Quantity and Quality


Finally, in the case of a new channel, you are not sending enough positive signals to the platform for it to recommend content to a wide audience.


How to analyze YouTube statistics to understand your watch time.

There are tons of YouTube teaching channels out there, including us, but you know who else is a great teacher? The platform itself, due to all its statistics.


If you’re bold and cocky, go ahead — ignore YouTube analytics. If you didn’t already know, you will see CTR statistics for video thumbnails and watch time in the Overview tab of the Analytics section of YouTube Creator.


If you hover your mouse cursor over the information icon, you will see an inscription that you need to increase the CTR and watch time so that YouTube will offer your content to viewers more.



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